Avocet                                                   The Zen Space 

Bordersenses                                       Heron Tree 

The GW Review                                   Gravel 

The Hamilton Stone Review             Glassworks Magazine 

Scapegoat Review                             Transcendence Magazine 

The New Plains Review                   Bread & Beauty

Grey Sparrow                            

Rust + Moth                                        Whiskey Paper 

The Meadow                                      Connotation Press 

Trajectory                                         Pittsburgh Poetry Houses

Mojave River Review 

Silver Birch Press


3 thoughts on “Publications

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  2. I am looking for contests for already published books of poetry. If you know of any, please tell me. In spite of having numerous published friends and acquaintances, no one told me that if you want to enter contests, do it before publication. If I had only known.

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