“Woman,” Bordersenses
“Bear Creek,” Avocet
“Pink Ruffles,” GW Review
“Wigs,” Hamilton Stone Review
“Wake,” Scapegoat Review
“Vigil,” Grey Sparrow Journal
“Starling,” New Plains Review
“Seed,” “Stargazer,” & “Song” Rust + Moth
“Crossing Ompompanoosuc” & “The Pond,” Meadow
“Second Hand Smoke,” Trajectory
“Snail Shell,” Mojave River Review
“21st Century Man,” Silver Birch Press “Celebrity Free Verse Project
“Mortals Picking Apples Among the Wasps,” “January” & “Nervure,” The Zen Space
“White,” Transcendence Magazine
“The Ghosts of Dead Husbands,” Gravel
“A Trip to the Indiana State Museum,” Heron Tree
“Forsythia” Glassworks Magazine
“Toad,” Bread & Beauty
“Hard Candy,” Typoetic


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